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New Greenwood Commemorative 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Bracelet

New Greenwood Commemorative 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Bracelet

Commemorative bracelet for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. (aka Black Wall Street)


JADE – Promotes Self-Sufficiency, Harmony

GOLDEN BRASS – Promotes Mental Vitality (mindset change), Resetting of Chaotic Situations

BLACK ONYX – Promotes Steadfastness, Stamina, Wise Decision Making, Removes Grief

RUTILATED QUARTZ - Facilitates Transitions, Healing, Promotes Forgiveness


The Jade Barrel represents New Greenwood/Black Wall Street, not only its former self-sufficiency, but also the contribution it is currently making to our city, our state, and to our nation. May harmony prevail and may the horrific portion of its history be remembered, but NEVER repeated.


The Black Onyx Squares represent the businesses of New Greenwood/Black Wall Street and the surrounding neighborhoods, past, present, and future. May their numbers increase because of our unfailing determination, and flourish due to our wise decision making.


The Golden Brass throughout the piece are representative of the prosperity of Black Wall Street and that of the surrounding neighborhoods, past, present, and future. May we continue to transform our mindset from one of defeat resulting from past destruction, to one of accomplishment, wealth, and triumph! 


The Black Onyx Saucers represent the people of color in our community. We still feel the pain and sadness caused by the destruction of our beloved Black Wall Street and have often struggled to regain our footing.  May we banish our grief by supporting and uplifting each other as we stand in solidarity, committed to happiness and wholeness.


The Rutilated Quartz represents the white brothers and sisters in our community. They are vital to the healing of a racial divide that has stood for too long.  May we come to understand, forgive, and accept each other more fully as we work towards a city, state, and nation where all are equal and enjoying life to fullest.

May all these things come to pass and be demonstrated in NEW GREENWOOD, our revitalized BLACK WALL STREET!


Designer: A. RENEE • •

  • Care

    Stretch jewelry requires special care. Excessive pulling may cause it to break. To prolong the life of your stretch jewelry, please use the roll on/roll off method when taking it on and off. DO NOT SPREAD YOUR FINGERS during the process. 

    Avoid getting your jewelry wet and keep it away from perfumes, solvents, or anything that could corrupt the stretch cord.

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