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An Old Fart and a Thousand Sentiments

An Old Fart and a Thousand Sentiments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a poem is worth a thousand sentiments. An Old Fart and a Thousand Sentiments takes you on an adventure into the fertile imagination of an old fart with an unbridled poetic license. 


Old Fart highlights over twenty-five styles of poetry (and how they’re structured) including a few that were created by Phetote Mshairi based on variations of other styles.


An Old Fart and a Thousand Sentiments contains poems translated to Spanish then back to English by renowned translator, Arthur Malcolm Dixon (Tulsa Artist Fellowship) and Clotilde Hill; English to Wahzhazhe ie (Osage) then back to English by Chelsea T. Hicks (Tulsa Artist Fellowship); and English to Urdu by Sarah Ahmad (Tulsa Artist Fellowship).


Brace yourself for designed lyrical chaos that covers a wide range of fascinating subjects including: love, breakups, fantasy, words of wisdom, spirituality, nature, freedom, civil rights, life, death, healing, motivation, humor, the COVID-19 pandemic from the viruses’ point of view, etc.


Discover your new favorite form(s) of poetry in An Old Fart and a Thousand Sentiments. WRITE ON!

  • Instructions

    Poetry is meant to be read aloud and with feeling


    It's poetry.

  • Credits

    Written by Phetote Mshairi

    Foreword by Anthony C. Brinkley aka Tony-B

    Translations by Arthur Malcolm Dixon & Clotilde Hill (Spanish), Chelsea T. Hicks (Osage), and Sarah Ahmad (Urdu).

    Renga Cameos with Theresa A. Jordan, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Obbie West, Alicia Hill, John Crow, Dr. Grant Matthew Jenkins, Jerica Wortham, Michael Wright, and Jeffrey Jordan

    Book and cover design by Asya Blue Design

    Cover art by Arthur Haywood

    Published by New Greenwood, LLC

    Sponsored by Tulsa Artist Fellowship

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$19.99Sale Price
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